Ostberg company was established in 1981. Since the beginning of existence Ostberg has been a company with international customers. They export products to more than 65 countries all over the world. Quality has always been an essential part of this company. The company is certified according to the quality standards ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Ostberg fans are produced of components of the best quality. All fans are tested before delivery and results of theese tests are registereg in passports. A large share of Ostberg production is automatized.
Production assortment is various:
- circular fans CK, LPK, RKC;
- rectangular fans RK, RKB;
- roof fans TKS, TKC;
- wall fans CV, KV;
- air handling units HERU.
Our company is the official exclusive distributor of this company in Azerbaijan.
Blue Box Group was established in 1986. Blue Box's spesialization is design and manufacture of equipment for air conditioning systems and industrial cooling. 
- Blue Box - air conditioning systems for large spaces: shopping centers, medical complexes, office buildings. Refrigerating units (chillers, thermal pumps), roof conditioners.
- Air Blue - air contitioning systems for small spaces and high-tech rooms (freon and water types of internal blocks, external and internal monoblocks, split-systems).
- AerTesi - manufacturing of fan coil units.
- Sky Box - manufacturing of central conditioners.
- Blue Frost - refrigerating units for temperature maintenance from -40ºC to -15ºC.
- Green Box -  refrigerating units for liquids cooling in technological processes (industrial chillers of a high pressure, compact units for water and oil cooling).
- Blue Service - service company that plans, organizes and coordinates exploitation and service of climatic systems.
ACM Company was established in 1997. The basic concept of ACM is innovation and wide scale of technical decisions. High quality of their production is reached thanks to the fact that they use in manufacturing processess plazma cutting machines, vertically-bending, and other high-exact equipment.The company offers a number of technical decisions that guarantee necessary air purity and optimize its temperature characteristics. Ventilation systems carry out the following problems on on air treatment:
- heating (water, electricity, steam);
- cooling (water, freon);
- drainage;
- heat recovery (rotor, cross-exact recuperator, heat exchanger system)
- air purification (G3... F9 filters)
- recirculation.
PAL International has been the pioneer in pre-insulated foam ducting. PAL was the first company in the world to introduce the innovative and revolutionary foam based pre-insulated ductwork as an alternative to sheet metal ductwork. It was invented by Claudio Ferraro of Bologna Italy in 1965. The PAL system incorporated a polyurethane panel with aluminum facing on both sides. The PAL panel is manufactured of fee closed cell polyisocyanurate foam with an 80 micron aluminum foil facing both sides, or an 80 micron facing on one side and 200 or 500 microns aluminum foil on the other. he panel thickness is 20mm or 30mm with foam density of 45-50kg/m3. 
PAL System offers:
- complete line of components and accessories
- professional hand tools and automatic machinery
- specialized training programs for duct manufacturers
- "Duct Design Software" to size the duct system and estimate the material needed
- technical support.
The company McQuay International (USA) have been reckoning its history since 1872. Under banner McQuay the best firms, such as Remington, Singer, American Air Filter, American Furnace Company, Westinghouse, Herman Nelson Company and Perfex have gathered. Today, McQuay International and its two subsidiaries, AAF International (air filters and products to protect the environment) and J & E Hall (refrigeration and freezing equipment) form AAF-McQuay Inc. The Company owns 11 plants in the U.S., UK, Italy, France, Indonesia, Malaysia and China. In 2006, there was a merger of the Japanese Corporation of Daikin Industries Ltd. with McQuay International and the formation of the joint company Daikin McQuay Ltd.
Supplied by company of Planet Climate equipment McQuay: domestic and semi-industrial air conditioners, multisplit-systems, chillers, fan coils, colis, packaged air conditioners, central air conditioners, multi-zone (VRF)-systems, systems of automation and dispatching.
The Company Carrier Corporation (USA), is the largest global supplier of heating systems, air conditioning and cooling. Carrier - an innovator and leader in the production of the climatic equipment. The Corporation Carrier is a leader in the production of the systems of conditioning, heating and air ventilation since 1902. Products Carrier are being developed in the twenty engineering centers and are made on 108 plants located all over the world. The company Carrier is a subdivision of the Corporation United technologies (UTC), which ranks 43rd in the list of the largest corporations of the United States of America.
Supplied by company of Planet Climate equipment Carrier: Semi-conditioners, condensing units, chillers, fan coil units, absorption chillers, central air conditioners, rooftops, monoblock air conditioning indoor, condensers and fluid coolers with air-cooled, complete conditioning for terminals and train stations, electronic control systems and air purification.

The company Danfoss is one of the leading players on the balancing valves, radiator thermostats. As such, the company's history began in 1933, when it was made the first expansion valve manufacturer, and its name has acquired a company in 1946.
Danfoss products distinguished by high quality and reliability. Production of the company is certified in accordance with the latest European standards. Manufacturer develops in step with the times - the equipment is in demand particularly taking into account the current trends in the direction of  energy conservation.
The products of the company Danfoss - radiator regulators and valves with electric drives,  thermostats and controllers, balancing valves and heat exchangers, thermostats.
Danfoss balancing valves are used for hydraulic balancing rings in heating systems. Competent operation of valves allows to stabilize the operating mode of the system.
Another advantage of the manufacturer is a diverse range of assortment. In stock - both automatic and manual balancing valves.
The company, CATA ELECTRODOMESTIСOS S.L., - the leader on production of kitchen hoods, fans and heaters, was founded in the city of Torello (Torello, province of Barcelona) in Spain, in 1947.
A wide range of its products includes: fans for the home, cooker hoods, electric heaters, hand dryers and built-in appliances.
Factory SATA is a global leader in the production of ventilating equipment.
Ventilating Equipment 
Household fans wall
Fans channel round
Fans of high-power
Multifunctional fans
Wall and ceiling fans
At the moment the factory carries out the production on three continents, it employs more than 700 professional staff.
The products are certified according to ISO systems CATA 9001 and C.C. A., the company is the leader in online shops in Europe (OBI , PRAKTIKER , Leroy Merlin etc.)                 
Parent company FabricAir began in 1973. The main type of its activity is the production of textile ducts for ventilation. FabricAir has a staff of more than 150 people and has offices in Denmark, Lithuania, the United States, Britain and Turkey. More than 80% of its production is exported to 35 countries.
 Textile air distribution FabricAir designed for a specific project and have many advantages over conventional metal ducts.
Lack of condensation 
Attractive price
Silent fan
Fast and simple installation
Air supply without draughts
Washable and hygienic
A wide choice of colors
Long service life