About Us

“Axima” LTD. has began its activity in 2003. Geography of the company now covers Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Switzerland. The main focus of our company is the sphere of engineering systems in which we offer a variety of services such as design, installation of systems, equipment supply, commissioning and consulting services. Our experts have a high skill level and are constantly improving, which naturally affects the quality of our services, which is growing day by day. We quickly find the most appropriate solution to any task and accordingly embody it to life, in high quality and short order. We do not consider our work completed, by just providing you with a set system. Any object where we have worked is constantly under our supervision and our experts are ready at any moment, on the first call, to help. Many of those who appealed to us did not make a mistake and to this day we continue to cooperate. Because perfection - is not the limit!


П-PAL Aqua-therm Baku 2012
Aqua-therm Baku 2010 Şəhadətnamə
Novenco Ostberg
FabricAir Acm